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New Interactive Crossword Puzzles

By the grace of God, I have created several new Bible Quizzes in the form of crossword puzzles. These new crossword puzzles are very specific, covering a few chapters to entire small books of the Bible. Hope you enjoy them.

Please note that the interactive crosswords require Java to be installed on your PC. You can go to to get the newest version of Java, and then verify that Java is working in your browser with their self-test. Also, once installed, you will have to go into your PC's control panel, find Java, open the security tab, and specify the web address to allow the Java for our site. Write me at webmaster at this website with any comments you may have. God Bless!

Coming Soon: Downloadable Crossword Puzzles

The online crossword puzzles will soon be downloadable in the common Adobe Reader format. Below is a sample of the Gospel of Luke chapter 1.

Luke Crossword

The Ultimate Question

Are you ready to stand before the judge of all mankind? What makes you think you are ready?

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